Delicious Breakfast at Calcutta Stock Exchange

This place just lives up to your breakfast goals in the city and everything is worth eating here. In a hot cup of Chai and the pleasant weather with the mesmerizing view of Writer’s Buildings. This place is the oldest Stock Exchange in South-Asia. Since the Calcutta Stock Exchange has stopped its operation before that these place used to be the place for the people who deal in the stock over tea, the only things they are left with is the lanes and the food stalls. This small little stalls in the corners of the lane in front of Calcutta stock exchange is the perfect place to go if you want to experience Kolkata. People in their luxury Sedan stops by just to have a taste of their tea and malai Toast. Be it a morning or evening on a weekend, if you are lucky to get a parking space.

As you know people are just obsessed with the iconic Club Kachori but for a change, you should definitely give it a try as here. Some come after the morning walks and the others come to have quick food bite and others by taking a break from offices or tutions nearby.

Here we get the hot piping Kesar Chai in the Earthen pots and the tastiest sandwiches and you definitely can’t miss is the Malai Toast as it is the popular item you should try. Their South Indian was amazing and light to the stomach. The dosa was thin and crisp. The potato, carrot and tomato filling was mixed and the coriander added an extra dash of flavor with all the spices. Sambhar and chutney are also amazing.
The sandwich was quarterly divided and it was perfectly crisp and amalgamation of veggies with cheese was a perfect delight. The veggies were well cooked and maintain the crispiness. The Sandwich was served with green chutney and tomato sauce. I can assure you the best veg sandwich the city can offers.

This place opens from 5:30 A.M in the morning, and in terms of hygiene and quality, you can’t complain. These place doesn’t need any hype as it’s popular among everyone whether a person coming from a morning walk or an office person or the teenager no one misses the sandwiches and the malai toast with chai. That’s the best thing everyone can try and surely will make your day.

Things to try:

• Kesar Chai
• Malai toast
• Mushroom Cheese sandwich
• Babycorn Cheese sandwich
• Corn Cheese sandwich
• Masala Dosa
• Cheese Fired Idly
• Masala Cold Drinks

The seating arrangements are not that good as there are plastic Chairs, where you could have your breakfast.

It’s a wonder and people simply love coming here again and again. This place adds many places of street food in Kolkata.





Kolkata which is loved by the puchkas. we Kolkatans love our very own ‘puchkas’ that we cannot get into any other cities whether they have ‘gol gappa or Pani Puri’ cannot recreate our puchkas. We crave so much for our puchkas that we sometimes forget about the hygiene and quality after being warned by unhygienic and keeping a safe distance from them but when we see puchkawala we tend to forget about the thoughts of unhygienic and all. You might be surprised that if I tell you that you can have 17 types of fillings that to in one place and the hygiene and the quality will be top-notch the tamarind water which he makes from the mineral water and Yes you read that right.

Presenting you about the Pravesh Pani Puri puchka-

The best part about him is that so many varieties under the same head you get and the 17 Varieties of puchkas.

This man has traveled to Australia and Bangkok just for the catering of the puchka. This guy is not an average chaat wala, he has maintained his hygiene by keeping his eye on the most crucial thing which is the water he uses mineral water for making the tamarind water which not everyone does, He sits near the Woodland high building. In school hours he sits at lakshmipant Singhania Academy, and the fun fact is that whichever child tops their final examination, He/She gets a reward from his side as free puchkas for 1 year.

The variety includes:

1. Dhokla puchka

2. Batata puchka

3. Schezwan puchka

4. Tomato puchka

5. Dahi puchka

6. Aloo dum puchka

7. Ghugni puchka

8. Chocolate puchka

9. Rocket puchka

10. Bullet puchka ( Must recommend if you are a spicy lover)

11. Chana masala puchka

12. Pakodi puchka

13. Churmur puchka

14. Dahi Chocolate

15. Chana puchka

16. Ghugni aloo dum puchka

17. Tomato masala puchka

This person work was so much appreciated that his work took him abroad, he had been to Australia, Bangkok and many places in India because the puchkas he makes and as a part of wedding catering.

For him feedback matters after having the yummiest puchka and handing over the tissue, he asks for the feedback and hands over a visiting card.


ADDRESS: PRAVESH PANIPURI, Woodland road, Alipoire, Kolkata-700027

PHONE: +91 8478927151

₹ 100 for Two People.